"Macao" sets 

The so-called « Macao » sets are a category of their own. The are sets of mixed Chinese and European figures. Busts are set on turned bases, the King and Queen are both wearing crowns. Their red opponents’ Chinese robes and headgear.

“Macao” Set depicting King George III   

Macao style chessmen with King George III. Finely carved heads on rich balusters. Their faces and characteristic headgear are of precise expression. The white “King” has a cross on his own. Ivory. King’s height 12.2cm; pawns 6.5cm. Source: CCI (2012) Chinese Chess SetsRound counters with carved chessmen on one side and garden scenes on the other. The rim with carved decorations. Made of ivory. One side stained red. Diameter 4cm; height 0.8cm. 

Source: CCI (2012) Chinese Chess Sets.