Export sets : Chinese Generals vs. Governors

Chinese governors were as mighty as generals. Both were government officials, civil and military ones. The rank of governors is documented by typical attributes : hats with pearls, rank squares on the front of the robes, a chain of pearls (originally the Buddhist male). In some chess sets, the governors show the male and the calculating strings, Different birds in the rank squares and the form of the pearls on top of their heads indicate the position of the officials in the hierarchy of the Chinese government. 

Generals vs. Governors in its purest form 

Governor is wearing the civil official’s chain, collar and beret. On his robe is shown the rank square with a  bird, and in his hand he holds a Hu, a ceremonial object of importance. To prevent direct eye contact with the Emperor, officials held it before their eyes. The female figure on the govenror’s side has a chrysanthemum on one hand, a fly-swatter in the other. Her robe includes a collar of lace that is combined with a a precious headgear. The counsellors wear a hat and a  rank square similar to the governor’s. The general and the (female) adjoint persons of the red party are armed and show the lion makes their counselors with a fly wink wearing a hat. One side stained red. Kings’ size 22cm. Pawns 11cm. Source: CCI (2012) Chinese Chess Sets