NEW! Confirmed! Coming up in 2024. CCI International Meeting in Oxford, UK, from Wednesday May 15th until Sunday May 19th, 2024. Proposed programme can be seen here. For current Speakers’ list, click here. Regarding accomodation, booking is possible here

2023 – CCI Germany Meeting from November 16-19, 2023 in Wernigerode, Germany.

2023 – July 6-9. CCI Western Hemisphere Meeting in St. Louis, USA. Presentations include: Can chess collecting save the world?; Collecting and researching chess literature; Vive la France : the Antique Chess Sets of Dieppe; Alcoa chess sets; cultural transfer and chess design on the European Borderlands. 

2020 – Bi-annual CCI’s 19th Convention in St. Louis, USA.  September 2-6, 2020. For full and updated programme down, click here.

2019 – German CCI Meeting in Ströbeck, Harz, Germany. October 3-6, 2019.