Chessboard showing backgammon on reverse side

Inlaid with “N.H.” and date “1610”, for Howard Duke of Notthingham, son of first Duke of Norfolk. 
Source: Keats Chessmen.

Game box, French, late 15th century

Made up of noble materials – ivory, ebony, coloured walnut – one of the oldest known game boxes. Contains six different games, including chess and tric-trac. Height 39.9 cm; Length 24.2cm. 
Source: Musée de Cluny, France.

Hnefatafl board, Scotland

A grid for playing nhefatafl has been scratched onto this piece of stone, one of 35 gaming boards from Inchmarnock. 
Source: National Museums Scotland.

Gaming board, Italy 15th century

Workshop of Embriachi. Embriachi bone and wood all certosina gaming box with boards for chess and backgammon, together with a  chess set of ivory and tortoiseshell with gold pique inlay. 

Source: The Trustees of the British Museum.