Magnetic Chess Sets

Magnetic Set from mid-20th Century

Board box with pieces representing medieval knights with magnets on their base. Pieces in polychromed plastic kept in dedicated compartments in the box. Produced by Anni company, South Tirole, Italy. Mid-20th century. King’s Height 4.5cm. Pawn 3cm. Source: CCI Travel and Play, 2012.

Chess Magnetica 

Folding board « Chess Magnetica », Europe, 20th century. Board in plastic material with side compartments for the chessmen which have square plates with their respective symbols. Source: CCI Travel and Play, 2012

Folding Case 

Folding case magnetic chess set with flat pieces. Germany, 20th century. Chess pieces with diameter of 1.4cm. Pieces made of plastic. Source: CCI Travel and Play, 2012.

Airline Travel Set 

Magnetic chess set in wallet shape with lateral space for taken pieces, distributed by Germany’s Lufthansa during the 1970-80s. Source: CCI Travel and Play, 2012.