CCI Seminars

CCI Western Hemisphere Meeting, July 6-9, 2023. St. Louis, USA.

Presentation « Can chess collecting save the world? » By Tom Gallegos. For presentation, click here. For text, click here. Collecting and researching rate chess literature. By John McCrary. For presentation, click here. For text, click here.  Vive la France: The Antique Chess Sets of Dieppe. By Jonathan Crumiller. For presentation, click here. Alcoa Chess Sets. By Israel Raphaelli. For presentation, click here. …

CCI Western Hemisphere Meeting, July 6-9, 2023. St. Louis, USA. Lire la suite »

CCI Germany, Wernigerode, November 15-19 2023

Chess at The Gambit restaurant in the City of London 1946. The visitors book of the Café de la Régence 1850-1908. For Presentation, click here. Schachbasierte Kriegsspiele, vornehmlich in alten Büchern. For Presentation, click here. Schachsammeln und Soziale Medien. For Presentation, click here. Reinigen von Schachfiguren mit Ultraschall. Clearning of Chessmen with Ultrasound. For Presentation, click here.  

2022 – Germany CCI Seminar in Plauen

Die Plauener Spitze – ein Kind des Industriezeitalters. For Presentation, click here Schach – Kunst und Humor. (Chess – Art & Humor). For Presentation, click here Schachtisch und Figuren der Schacholympiade Leipzig 1960. By Wolfgang Paehtz. For Presentation, click here. Die Metallschachfiguren von Andrzej Nowakowski, Warschau. (The Metal Chessmen from Andrzej Novakovski). By Dr. Thomas …

2022 – Germany CCI Seminar in Plauen Lire la suite »