CCI World Congress, Prague 2018

Lectures / Seminars 

CCI Meetings include presentations and discussions about chess history, including lectures, an exchange of views, a display of chessmen, and a chess market.

Visit to the Museum of Decorative Arts

CCI members helped organise a special exhibition of antique chess sets, including providing some of their own chess sets for the exhibit. Those include Edel sets, two Eger boards and two excellent Geislingen sets among inlaid 17th century game boards. Also included were a fabulous wooden carved chess set from Bohemia, with most pieces represent major figures from Czech history. The museum visit included a special lecture by Barbara Holländer on the times and passions of one great collector – Emperor Rudolf II, who lived in Prague, and whose collection was dismantled and dispersed after his death. Of note that a good part of the Rudolf II collection is exhibited at Austrian museum Ambras Castle in Innsbruck and the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna. 

The usually held – and much awaited – chess market 

Photos by CCI members Nicolas Lanier and Wolfgang Pähtz.