Logotypes and Company Stamps

Lardy International

Lardy Cie. - Dortan, Jura - 1900 - 1980

John Jacques & Son Ltd.

Both stickers from Jaques down market St. George sets (no ebony used..)

Neksavil of Vienna

Last manufacturer of Austrian / old Viennese chess pieces.


Logo for a pre-ww II british manufacturer who produced a very simplified sparse form of chess pieces......


German clockmakers seal of quality control.


Italfama is an Italian manufacturer specialising in foundry chess sets. The company is still very much active. One specialty is the production of chessmen made of wood and metal parts, joined on a central screw.


From a Drueke pocket peg set wrapper.


One of the oldest achess piece makers in Europe.

Pleasantime Ohme Chess

US games house.


Vanished french games house.