Mexican Bone Sets

Mexican Bone Sets

Mexican bone sets involve a wide range of forms, from Pulpit to Upright to Tarascan to painted facial sets. They are all composed of various reproduced parts and assembled in workshops.

Classic Pulpit Style

A classical Mexican pulpit set, composed of various pieces, pin tops, pawns as hand with daggers. Natural and black lacquered colours. King stands at 120mm, pieces quite heavy, because of a central pole, on which the various components are lined up upon – of hardwood. Source:

Mexican bone chessmen

Inluenced by the so-called Spanish ‘pulpit’ style. Pierced and serrated around crowns. The pawn is a fist clenching a dagger, rook, horse’s head knight, bishop  queen, king. 19th century. Source: Keats Chessmen (1985)

Pulpit Faces

A later version, adding coloured faces to the top. The set is all white, with just the bases in black or bright yellow. King’s height is 138mm. Source: